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Cloud Manager 2.0

Be Anywhere. See Everything.

Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 is a web-based Wi-Fi network management solution. You can remotely manage multiple networks, access points, and clients from one centralized and easy-to-use dashboard anytime, from any device. Receive alerts about potential network problems or log in to Cloud Manager 2.0 on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to get real-time statistics on the health of your network(s). Limited lifetime Cloud Manager 2.0 license included with all cloud-capable Linksys Access Points at no additional cost.

  • Includes a limited lifetime Cloud Manager 2.0 license with all cloud-capable Linksys Access Points
  • Easily manage all your accounts and their networks, sites, and access points remotely from one dashboard
  • Receive alerts and view history and real-time network statistics to anticipate potential problems
  • Rapid Deployment with zero touch provisioning lets you pre-register Access Points to your Cloud manager account, so they will automatically connect and configure as soon as they are powered on and connected to the Internet


  • Remote Access – Monitor your networks from anywhere, on any device
  • Network Insights – Real-time alerts and statistics on network activity and health
  • Centralized Management – Easily manage multiple access points, networks and sites from one dashboard
  • Extensive Scalability – Manage thousands of Access Points and locations with no additional costs or complexity
  • Rapid deployment with Zero Touch Provisioning – Pre-register Access Points to your cloud manager account using their serial number and MAC address. They will automatically connect and configure when powered on and connected to the Internet for rapid deployment
  • Cloud License Included – Limited Lifetime Cloud License at no additional cost.*
  • Multi-Level Access Rights – Set user roles and access rights to suit your organization’s needs
  • Easy to Use – Access the simple web-based interface from any device
  • Captive Portal – Control guest Wi-Fi access with a special web page for authentication before using the Internet.

* Limited Lifetime Cloud License included at no additional cost. Requires free upgrade to Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 available at

Enterprise performance tailor made for businesses of all sizes.

  • Superior Hardware and Wi-Fi Roaming Performance
    Enterprise class components combined with proven Wi-Fi industry standards (802.11k/r/v) guarantee the ultimate performance for wireless clients.
  • Fully Customizable Captive Portal Splash Page
    Create beautiful splash pages without text and logo size restrictions using our free cloud hosted editor.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Marketing Tools
    Integrated customer analytics allow you to advertise, market and re-engage without the need for 3rd party services.2
  • Dedicated Technical Support Line for Businesses
    Our CCNA certified support technicians are ready to support you Monday thru Friday, 5am-11pm PST, at no additional cost.

Manage all your networks in real time, through the cloud.

With Linksys Cloud Manager it’s easy to manage all of your networks, access points, and clients under one intuitive and centralized dashboard.

Linksys Remote Management

Remote Management

Our unique, fully responsive interface can be accessed by computer, tablet, or mobile phone, making it easy to manage your networks and access points from anywhere, and keep your services running smoothly.

Network Insight

A simple, easy-to-use interface and dashboard lets you effortlessly view historic and real-time network statistics and analyze the health of your network including uptime, signal strength, connection duration, and much more. This helps to avoid networking issues and the need for costly onsite monitoring.

Linksys Network Insight

Linksys Cloud Manager Features

Features Linksys Cloud Manager 1.0 Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0
Cloud Management License 5 Years Limited Lifetime1
Number of SSIDs 8 8
VLAN Support per SSID
WPA2 PSK, WPA2 Enterprise
Captive Portal with Splash Page Device Hosted, Basic Template Cloud Hosted, Fully Customizable
Client Blocking 20 Clients per SSID Enhanced Black/White List (future release)
Wireless Client Isolation
Bandwidth Limit per SSID
Band Steering
802.11k Radio Resource Management LAPAC2600C Only
Rogue AP Detection Enhanced (future release)
Management Interface Local Standalone or Cloud3 Cloud Only
Device and Bandwidth Statistics 7 Days3 Real-time Only
Event Notification Remote Syslog, E-mail Alerts Remote Syslog, E-mail Alerts
Ping Tool Enhanced
Blink LED
External Splash Page
Custom DNS
Isolate Wireless SSID from Wired LAN
Bandwidth Limit per Client
802.11r Fast Roaming
802.11v Wireless Network Management
Two Factor Authentication
Scheduled Reboot

New and Improved Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0

Faster Zero Touch Provisioning

Provisioning gets even faster with devices that now take seconds, not minutes, to get their configuration from the cloud. Linksys new cloud portal is also more responsive, giving you important data on your networks quickly without the spinning hourglass. The platform is built from the ground up with cloud in mind, not as an afterthought. Our micro-servers deployed on AWS are always running 24/7 and have virtually zero downtime, even when new cloud features are released. They instantly become available to you without the need for inconvenient maintenance windows, because your business shouldn’t be interrupted for any reason. And best of all, we are now offering Cloud Management for free for the lifetime of the device (previously 5 years free)1. All you need to do is upgrade to the new platform for free.

Beautiful Splash Pages that Elevate your Brand

Most hardware vendors have restrictive Splash Page templates because they host the page in the device, where memory is limited. We surpass those limitations by hosting the page in the Cloud, at absolutely no additional cost to you. Not an HTML programmer? No problem! Our Splash Page editor is easy to use so what you see is really what you get. Every business is unique, don’t let your brand be dictated by a basic pre-made template.

Maximize your ROI with Wi-Fi Marketing Services

Are you maximizing your engagement with your customers when they arrive and after they leave your business? With Wi-Fi Marketing Services, you get the built-in tools needed to get the maximum value from your wireless network, without having to deal with additional 3rd party services.

  • Ability to serve advertisements and videos to Wi-Fi users.
  • Social logins with all popular social platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin).
  • Visitor analytics and demographics information.
  • Integration with Mailchimp for e-mail campaigns.
  • Coupon voucher system for paid for Wi-Fi with different levels of access.

  • 1 “Limited Lifetime” means service extends for the life of the product, for so as long as Belkin continues to manufacture the product. For more details, go to the following warranty link.
    2 Requires add-on subscription service.
    3 When upgrading to LCM 2.0, you will lose the following features: 1) Standalone Mode; 2) Device Statistics for the last 7 days.
    If you are an existing user and wish to retain these features, you may continue to use LCM 1.0 for the 5 year license period.

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